1998 - 2001
GOF celebrates its third year

Established: 1998
Guild Colors: Black and Green
Guild Type:  Standard
Server: Great Lakes
GOF King: Lancelot
Grand Duke: Steve
Grand Duchess: Randi
Lord Chancellor: Flash
Lord Chancellor: Loader Lamoy
Merchant Duke: Jueles
Emissary Duke: Solec
S&R Duchess: Maid Marion
Mining  Duke:  Eric Fireforge
Archer Duke: Evil Ernie
Ranking Officers :
Admiral Ahab
Thor, Marques
Thundarr, Majestic Marques
Peregrin, S&R Marques
DRACO, Majestic Marques
Chaotic Crippler Majestic Marques
Yakoon, Paladin Earl
Kisanna, Countess
hide, Admin Earl 
Ranger Countess Del Huntsilver
Gandalf, GT Earl
Manfred XII, Majestic Count
We believe in playing Ultima to its fullest potential and having fun.