Ultima Online - Great Lakes - est. 1998

Soulless Seduction Event

Publish 110 event guide for Soulless Seduction is available on CAH.


Khalesi has graciously marked runes to the relevant NPCs and Monsters. They can be found in a rune book located on the steps of the library. 

GOF Annual Net Toss 2020

The annual Net Toss was held in Great Lakes on Saturday October 17th 2020 at the New Magincia Docks. The event was hosted by Ponce with nets donated by Flash, Khalesi, Beck, Mel O’Cream and others.

Annual IDOC Event 2020

The revered annual GOF IDOC event made a return on Friday October 16th. Scores of fellow adventurers on the Great Lakes shard traveled to the condemned house in Malas to take part in mad dash for gold, treasures and prizes.

Prior to the IDOC crumbling, Lord Flash, Guild Leader of the Guild of Friends gave a speech to commemorate the event.

Photo Credit: Aiden – GOF

Once the jammed packed 18×18 custom white marble came crashing down to the ground the mad rush commenced.

Photo Credit: Beck – GOF

Before long the the loot was hauled away and prize tickets were redeemed with Flash. Rumor has it that a complete Virtue Armor set was given away. Much fun was had by all and I’m sure several people are already marking their calendars for next year.

Photo Credit: Aiden – GOF