Ultima Online - Great Lakes - est. 1998

Guild Rules

  • There shall be no stealing from fellow guild members. Also do not snoop a fellow guild member, unless you get their prior approval to do so. Furthermore, if you are asked to stop snooping you’d better stop snooping!
  • Purposely player killing a guild member is an automatic banishment. Leading spawns onto un-expecting players, knowing harm may come to them, be they in our guild or not, is also a banish able offense. Warning: To join a guild in Trammel for the purpose of player killing a guild member is considered to be grief playing, which can be an account ban able offense.  We report all such acts to both game masters and the customer service department of Ultima Online.
  • Constant borrowing and begging, is borderline stealing in the eyes of our guild. We have many new players in our guild, but there comes a time when each member must fend for themselves.
  • Public denouncement, disobeying and bashing of the council and command will not be tolerated, and will result in banishment from the guild.
  • If you are having personality conflicts, or you are being harassed by another guild member, bring this to the King or Council member IMMEDIATELY! Do not allow your personal conflict to affect the entire guild. Doing so may get the party or parties involved removed from the guild.
  • If a game master approaches us about you committing illegal or ban-able acts, you will be removed from the guild.
  • In Guild meetings or Council Meetings, Do not talk out of turn when someone has the floor, wait until they are finished, then you may request the floor for your say.. Non-related char or constantly going out of turn will get you banned from our meetings. This in turn can and will affect your chances for promotions or benefits during your stay in GOF.
  • Report problems with another member immediately to Leadership or to a Council Member and avoid all contact with the other person until the issue is resolved.
  • Guild Hunts
    1. All guild hunts, unless otherwise posted, are to begin from our headquarters in the world of Trammel.
    2. Obey your hunt party leader, and those with order of precedence above you. This means if they tell you don’t run, don’t loot, stay grouped, don’t cast spells, etc. you had better do as they say, or risk being removed from the hunting party, and possibly future hunts.
    3. Stay with the group! Don’t wander off! If lag is a problem, be sure to let others know you are lagging.
    4. Try to find a partner before the hunt and take care of each other, in case you get lost or disconnected.
    5. Looting kills will vary from hut group to hunt group. Obey what your hunt leader says in regards to looting. If the hunt leader assigns a “loot collector” for the party, obey their wishes and let the collector get the loot off of the kills. The hunt leader should also establish how and where the loot will be distributed, before going on the hunt. If you don’t obey the looting rules of the hunt party leader, the hunt party leader has the right to remove you from the hinting party, and any future hunts that they may hold. Furthermore, if it is found that you are being reported often for violating the guilds hunting rules, you will face a warning, up to banishment from the guild, depending on the violations that you have committed.
    6. Running off or recalling away without notifying the hunt leader may get you suspended from future guild hunts.