Riner for Governor

Riner is running to be the next Governor of Britain on Great Lakes! Please get out and vote!

“Good Evening Great Lakes! My name is Riner, and I want to be your next Governor of Britain! For those that don’t know me, I am a full-time member of this Great community, and a Venerated Citizen of Britain. Most often I can be found either as Riner, my tamer, Blackhawk, my sampire or possibly my crafter, The Hand of God. I’m currently serving as an Emissary with Guild of Friends. I believe that Britain should be a vibrant and active City and to this end I will be holding regular events in Britain. This will be done with the promised support of the Guild of Friends and its Leaders and Emissaries. These will also feature many nice prizes, including vet rewards, rewards from the UO store, rare drops, and deco items to name some. I also plan on making use of the Governor’s privilege of granting unique City titles to residents which might be interested. Overall, I believe these changes will allow Britain to enhance the Great Lakes community and provide for local entertainment. Change is never easy and to accomplish this change I need the help of everyone in Sosaria! Voting is to be held the 9th of December through the 14th of December, plus consider becoming a respected member of the City of Britain. It takes 4K ingots to become a respected citizen and vote. If you need the ingots, someone will be by the City stone periodically to distribute them, or you can contact any of the Guild of Friend Emissaries. I’ll need everyone’s help to win so please consider voting in Britain!”


Voting is easy! Follow the below steps and ask for help on Discord if you need ingots or have any other questions.

Requirements to Vote:

  • One vote per account
  • Must not be on EJ or a young Player
  • Have citizenship in Britain (Instructions below)
  • 4,000 Iron Ingots (If not already a Respected citizen (Ask on Discord if you need ingots)
  • Be at least Respected in Britain (Instructions below)

Step 1: Become a Citizen of Britain

Select “Loyalty Rating” in the character context menu. The menu can be accessed by single clicking on your Character.
Select “City Loyalty” at the bottom.
If you are not already a Citizen of Britain then click the blue dot selection next to it.
Select “Declare Citizenship” as the bottom.
You will see a confirmation message in your journal.

2: Gain “Respected” status to be eligible to vote

Locate the crate next to the Minister of Trade on the Britain Docks. To gain Respected status you will need to drop 4,000 iron ingots in the crate. If you cannot carry 4,000 in one trip, this can be done in multiple drops totaling 4,000. If you need ingots, don’t’ hesitate to reach out on Discord. We have more than enough to share.
After the ingots have been dropped, return to the City Loyalty menu and ensure that you are now listed as Respected alongside of Britain.

3: Cast your vote

Locate the Britain City Stone adjacent to the bank. Double click it to open the ballot menu.
Select to view the list of candidates
Click the box next to Riner.
Click OK on the next menu to confirm you are done.

On behalf of Riner and the Guild of Friends, thank you for taking the time to vote!

GOF Annual Net Toss 2020

The annual Net Toss was held in Great Lakes on Saturday October 17th 2020 at the New Magincia Docks. The event was hosted by Ponce with nets donated by Flash, Khalesi, Beck, Mel O’Cream and others.

Annual IDOC Event 2020

The revered annual GOF IDOC event made a return on Friday October 16th. Scores of fellow adventurers on the Great Lakes shard traveled to the condemned house in Malas to take part in mad dash for gold, treasures and prizes.

Prior to the IDOC crumbling, Lord Flash, Guild Leader of the Guild of Friends gave a speech to commemorate the event.

Once the jammed packed 18×18 custom white marble came crashing down to the ground the mad rush commenced.

Before long the the loot was hauled away and prize tickets were redeemed with Flash. Rumor has it that a complete Virtue Armor set was given away. Much fun was had by all and I’m sure several people are already marking their calendars for next year.